All you Should Know about Garment Tech Packs

Clothing Manufacturers

A garment tech pack is a document that consists of the assembly instructions of your designs. It is regarded as the most important document that is needed for manufacturing clothing products. An accurate and thorough tech pack is vital – only fewer problems will occur if the tech pack is detailed.

A tech pack provides the sizes along with instructions about how to measure and stitch the fabrics. In addition to this, it includes vital and specific details like the type of materials that are required, requirements for testing the garments and other specifications about the clothing.

Garment tech packs are mostly generated using Adobe, Excel and with the help of technical designers. It is always recommended to seek the help of talented technical designers for ensuring the correct communication during the process of designing.

Tech packs are mostly detail-oriented and it usually needs more time to be generated. Below is a checklist of what all a garment tech pack should include for easy communication. You can search ‘garment manufacturers near me’ online and contact them to know more about these tech packs.

Always produce descriptions including colors, style number and sizing.

A technical Flat including the sketch of the garments, front and back, should be included in the tech pack. ‘Flat’ is a term that is used for the type of sketch and it is most commonly created using Adobe Illustrator. It shows how the clothing would look when it is laid out on a plane surface.

A garment tech pack should include the close-up photographs of stitching as well as complex detailing (if any). It should also include a specification sheet which is a technical document that has a technical diagram, details for construction, sketch of garments, and measurement of the garment. All measurements related to the garment must be in a chart in an easy to read format along with illustrations known as specs.

Instructions for Packaging

Point of Measure (POM)

Complicated sewing areas on a garment must have an illustration of the point of measure which is a close-up illustration of a particular part of a garment. It helps clarify how it is often measured and constructed. Keep in mind to not overcrowd the sketch using so many arrows and instructions while you detail the flats. All of the vital elements should be made visible and descriptions and measurements should be made legible. Complex designs might need several points of measure illustrations.