Navigate Amsterdam’s Canals Easily By Enhancing Your Mobile Coverage

Amsterdam is one of the most sought after tourist destinations; not just because it is the capital city of the Netherlands but because it is famous for its artistic heritage. From the beautifully built historical buildings to the renowned Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam never fails to amaze its tourists.

Now imagine this, you are in Amsterdam and you are touring one of its elaborate and preeminent canal systems and enjoying the beautiful houses. And, then suddenly this happens – you have lost your phone coverage. It is such an awful and frustrating situation to be in. So what do you do then? Continue reading to find out how to increase mobile signal strength in Amsterdam.

Switch Network Provider

Mobile phone coverage differs by location. Few of the mobile carriers provide their customers with great coverage while others lack this ability. So here is what you should definitely give a try – consider switching to another network provider.

Take Mobile Phone To A Higher Ground

It is a general thumb rule for mobile phone signals, the higher the phone is, the better will be the reception. So, if you are in the middle of a boat ride, try standing up or switching places with your neighbor who is sitting on a higher ground level. It might just do the trick!

Keep Your Battery Charged

As you already know, mobile phones use the charge in the battery while searching for better mobile signals. This is how the phone’s battery gets used up even if your fingers are not glued to your phone all the time. So the next time you leave your hotel room, ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged. And if you didn’t get enough time to charge your mobile phone, consider carrying around a power bank, just in case your phone gets switched off due to low battery.

Hold The Phone Correctly

Although it may sound absurd, the way in which you are holding your phone may be one of the reasons for a weak signal. I hope you are familiar with the fact that your phones have internal antennas that help in accessing mobile signals. So if you are holding your mobile in a certain position that is covering these antennas, then it is more likely that you will encounter signal troubles.

I hope you have noted these easy hacks for the next time you plan to travel the world!