Tips To Add Good Content on Your Web Page for SEO

Web Page Tips

SEO is one of the key components of successful web design. Therefore, it is essential that you do everything possible to ensure that your page is optimized for the best results on the search engines like Google. Note that the algorithm of Google is continuously updated to increase the quality of the search results. Hence, it is also essential to catch up with this in order to acquire high organic traffic to your web page. Below are a few steps to ensure that the content you post is in line with the SEO LA requirements.

Create High-Quality Content

All the properties of a web page are useful only if the content is of high quality. This means the content should have an engaging discussion and should have ideas that are original. Besides, it should be able to keep the audience reading till the end. All the other components are there to support the content in its presentation.

Mix The Sentence Lengths

If the text is distributed in paragraphs with varying sentence lengths, it looks good for the viewer. This makes it interesting and helps the reader from getting bored.

Use Shorter Paragraphs

Make sure that you do not drag your paragraphs too long. This will ensure that the visitors stay on the page. If the paragraphs are too long, the viewers would refrain from reading it, thinking that it is too long. It is advisable to use 3-4 sentences in every paragraph. You can also use one-sentence paragraphs if necessary. However, make sure you limit its use so that the purpose is served.

Add Bullet Points

If you have a lot of data such as ideas, data, statistics, and examples, you can use bullet points to display them on the page. This also makes the reading experience better.


Statistics show that on average, people spend around 37 seconds reading an article online. This is because most people just skim through the article. One of the best ways to significantly raise this is to add subheadings. These capture the attention of the readers fast and keep them engaged. This also makes it easy to scan your articles. By doing so, they would still be able to get the overall gist of the content.

White Space And Images

If you visit a website and all you see is a long space of text, it is very likely that you leave the page. This can be avoided by adding relevant media to support the data. This includes photos, graphs, videos, and info-graphics.