Where To Find The Best CBD Cream In Amsterdam

CBD has a started making its mark on the world. Now, another country that has opened its doors gracious for CBD is, Netherland. With the decision made, CBD suppliers from other countries that had legalised CBD swarmed to the country. Amsterdam was one such hotspot where the action was just beginning to lift off! There started to come up local supplier and growers of hemp, and they began selling and synthesising new CBD products.

But the glaring hole that this created was a massive influx of CBD products into the system. Many of these CBD retailers and suppliers did not conform to the proper laws and the shutters were closed down for them. Some other suppliers did not follow the proper methods of extractions, and used sub-standard hemp to source the CBD; the result of this was a CBD product that was riddled with impurities and poor quality that did more harm than good.

This is all the more the reason why consumers will have to look both ways before crossing the path to a brand. Choosing a bad CBD product means you are putting in your body many impurities and contaminants!

Amsterdam has come to the CBD industry, like a moth attracted to a flickering tube light. There are products ranging from CBD vapes, CBD creams, CBD lotions, CBD edibles, CBD coffee all the way to CBD salve, CBD waxes, CBD oils, CBD protein shakes and CBD multi-vitamin tablets. But a little research will tell you that this is just the beginning of things that you have to choose from; CBD can be infused into anything and everything under the sun!

Our focus however will not be on the spectrum of CBD products, but more so, on the best CBD cream in Amsterdam that you must lay your hands on. But before that, let us see what CBD is.  


Humble beginnings for an otherwise powerhouse of a drug!-This would be the single sentence that would explain the journey of ups and downs that this herbal supplement had to go through. Although years had gone by where governments were reluctant on passing and giving CBD the mark of legality, it was finally in the 21st century that things began changing for the better. So, the next time you see a CBD cream on the table, know that there is a rich long history behind it.

The substance, CBD is only one such ingredient you would find in the hemp plant, amongst the hundred others. But it is CBD that has the plethora of benefits attached it!

CBD is a formidable alternative to conventional medicine, and come with far less baggage than the latter. Drugs like paracetamol and Aspirin which people take to relieve pain, inflammation, and sometimes to induce sleep can greet you with more side effects than you can count. Increased risk of heart attacks and strokes is only one of them! This is why people are moving as far as they can from these medicines.

CBD also has another benefit to its name; you can intake CBD and go about your day perfectly. Having over the counter medicine may sometimes induce lethargy or drowsiness that lowers your effectiveness. CBD is strictly therapeutic and does absolutely nothing to make you intoxicated.

Further CBD is a holistic herbal drug that aims at maintaining a balance between the various systems in your body; in other words Homeostasis. This is something that no over-the counter medicine can give you.

Places Where You Will Find The Top CBD Creams In Amsterdam

There are many retail stores as well as ecommerce stores that sell CBD in Amsterdam. Many international CBD companies have extended their operations all across Europe, so the chances are that they will be shipping what you need to your doorstep in Amsterdam. The choice is simply yours to make; you may walk to the nearest retail store and feel the product that you will be buying or you can place your trust on some of the loyal CBD brands on the internet.

  • CBD Oil Shop

This is a great CBD retail store that is located at ‘Bellamystraat 6, 1053 BL’ in Amsterdam. The retail store has top end CBD products by loyal and trusted CBD brands on their shelves. The brands of CBD creams that you will find there include Cibdiol, Canneff, Amsterdam Genetics, Muscle MX, Pure Vida, KANEH-B, and Landracer among many others.

You will not find yourself short on choices if you step into CBD oil Shop.

Canneff CBD Hand cream

The Canneff CBD Hand cream is one of the top CBD creams on display at CBD oil Shop. The nourishing and moisturising cream will do great for your skin. The Hand cream can be a godsend especially during the winter when your skin is dry and parched! The Non-sticky hand cream has the ingredients of a moisturizing champion with Shea butter, Squalane and hemp oil which further complements the 0.1% CBD in the cream. Simply apply a generous amount of the hand cream when you are stepping out of the house or when you are going to sleep. The CBD will work towards removing the dryness and make your hands soft to the touch.

Canneff Body Milk Cream

The Canneff Body Milk Cream has a unique formula that makes it apt for sensitive skin. So if you are someone who is prone to get outbreaks of rashes, sun burns or inflammation when you step out to the sun or in the woods, then be sure to try the Canneff Body Milk Cream out. It has a unique blend of essential natural oils like Almond and Avocado mixed in a base of CBD infused Shea butter to give your skin a well-rounded hydration. The idea behind this amazing product is to allow for the rejuvenation and nourishment of your skin. Apply the cream lightly to your body; your forearms, legs, underarms, preferably after cleaning the skin. That is all the work you will have to do; sit back and watch as CBD heals your skin from the roots!

Make sure to use this product on a regular basis to significantly improve the general condition of your skin, at the same time restoring the function of the skin’s natural barrier!

Muscle MX Activate CBD Cream

If you are someone who needs to include the healing touch of CBD to your everyday post workout recovery, then check out the Muscle MX activate CBD cream. This CBD cream is natural and completely gluten-free. It is fast absorbing into the skin and is non-sticky/ non-greasy to feel, meaning you can simply put some on your joints, ankles and muscles after you are back from a heavy workout session or football practice. The formulation used in the Muscle MX activate CBD cream is such that it heats up and stimulates blood circulation at the damaged site, lessening the inflammation and giving you the much needed pain relief for you to catch your breath. 

You focus on perfecting your craft and your exercise regime, and let the CBD products focus on getting you up on your feet ASAP!

  • Canna Health Amsterdam

This is another gem of a CBD retail store that you can find at ‘NieuweNieuwestraat 26’ in Amsterdam. They have their own line of CBD products and that of other CBD companies as well in their stores. CBD kiss, BodyGuard and Happy Feet are some of the names that you will see on their shelves. Apart from creams you will also find CBD edibles, CBD herbal tea, CBD crystals, CBD protein shakes and even CBD pet products. So, do check out this store for CBD!

The Bodyguard CBD Body Cream-1000mg

This is one of their premium top end products that give you a great quality for the money you spend on it. The BodyGuard CBD Body Cream is made up of 100% organic ingredients which are blended seamlessly with a full-spectrum CBD strain and Shea Butter. There is also Cacao Butter and Beeswax in here too, apart from the natural oil that will all help your skin to bounce up with joy. The CBD cream is one that creates a sort of protective barrier over your skin, shielding you from the elements and at the same time enhancing your skin’s natural barrier. This is a must buy product for those who need a break from all the skin problems!

Happy Feet Foot Cream 1000mg

Are you tired of cracked feet? Or a shoe bite that isn’t going away any time soon? Then Happy Feet’s Foot Cream can help you! Bid your heel cracks goodbye as the healing blend of CBD, Apricot kernel oil, beeswax, almond oil and coconut butter will nourish and repair your feet to its soft baby feet like glory! If you have a shoe bite, then simply lather some of the Happy Feet’s Foot cream on, and let it sit through the night. The CBD in the cream will give you the pain relief and at the same time prevent it from getting worse the next time you slip into your running shoes!

The therapeutic grade formulation of organic tea and mint oils in the cream have anti-fungal properties as well that will prevent further swelling. Be sure to massage your feet well, after the application of the cream to promote circulation and to get the CBD working for you.

The Final Note

That about sums up the places where you will find the best CBD creams in Amsterdam! We may have missed on a few great brands and store here and there, so be sure to venture out to the city and discover them!