Amsterdam Bike Tour

Unexplored Treasures of Amsterdam

There are a lot of famous attractions in Amsterdam like the Rijksmuseum, Dam Square or Vondelpark. But if you are searching for some of alternative things to do during your tours in Amsterdam, then we have some great suggestions for you. The following places are some hidden treasures of Amsterdam that are not frequented by
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Canal Cruise Tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s history is intimately connected with water. The city began its life as a village which concentrated on fishing in the 12th century. But during the Dutch Golden Age of 17th century, the planners of the city had built a series of canals to expand the city. So today, you cannot imagine Amsterdam without houseboats,
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Amsterdam Tours

There are several things special about Amsterdam including the self-portraits by Van Gogh and Golden Age art. There are several new art forms blossoming such as photography and pop art. There are museums where the art forms are well preserved. You can admire these and much more in the several museums spread out across the
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